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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur for several reasons, and if you have been experiencing persistent symptoms, the best course of action is to seek medical advice. Your doctor will ask some questions about your lifestyle and medical history, and may run some tests to rule out any serious underlying health problems.

One of the most frequently given pieces of advice to men suffering from ED is to lose some weight. Studies have shown that up to 79% of men with ED symptoms are overweight or obese. This isn’t surprising when you consider that being overweight is linked to many of the other problems that can cause ED.

One reason for this is that obese men are 2.4 times more likely to have low testosterone levels. This is the male hormone responsible for sex drive and sexual responsiveness. An excess of fatty cells in the male body can lead to testosterone being metabolised into oestrogen.

Excess fat may also mean that testosterone is distributed less efficiently around the body. There is an established link between low testosterone and diabetes, because testosterone aids the body’s absorption of blood sugar when insulin levels rise. People with diabetes are resistant to insulin, and the body needs help to maintain normal levels.

Being overweight is a known risk factor for high cholesterol, which in turn is an established risk factor for ED. When too much of a type of cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein (LDL) builds up in the body, it can clog up the lining of the arteries. This makes it more difficult for the blood to circulate efficiently around the body, affecting male sexual function.

Once the arteries that supply blood directly to the heart become clogged, they can eventually harden and become narrower. This is known as atherosclerosis, and it results in coronary heart disease. ED is often a symptom of heart disease, because it can be an indicator of a problem with the blood flow; extremities such as the genitals are often the first to be affected.

The good news is that if action is taken early enough, many of these problems can be improved or even reversed. The best course of action is to follow a well balanced diet with few fatty or sugary foods, and take regular exercise. It can take some time and effort to see the results, but the rewards will be a noticeable improvement in all round health.

ED can also be caused by psychological issues such as stress and depression. Weight loss can also help with this, because exercise generates increased production of serotonin, the brain chemical responsible for regulating mood. Getting in trim can also raise self esteem and body confidence, which in turn can lead to a more confident performance in bed.

In some cases, men with ED may benefit from taking medication alongside other measures such as diet and exercise. If you are looking to buy cheap tadalafil online, please get in touch today.