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A huge number of men will experience problems with erectile dysfunction (ED) during their lifetime, with one in five males in the UK being affected by the condition. However, there are some things you can do to prevent or delay developing ED. Read on to find out more.

– Lose weight

Men who are overweight are more likely to have ED than those with a healthy BMI. This could be one of the reasons why King’s College London predicts 322 million men will be affected by the condition worldwide before 2025, as obesity rates continue to climb.

However, studies have shown that losing excess weight can have a big impact on erectile function, including one published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine that showed reduction of the symptoms in more than 30 per cent of men who ate 300 fewer calories per day for a few weeks.

– Eat healthier

Losing weight is typically achieved by eating healthier – something that should be considered even by males who do not need to lose body fat.

Very Well Health revealed findings from one report that showed men who ate a Mediterranean diet, full of fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains, had the lowest incidences of ED.

What’s more, those under the age of 60 had a 40 per cent higher chance of regaining sensation than men who ate processed foods and red meats.

– Yoga

Everyone knows the health benefits of exercising 30 minutes a day – from lowering blood pressure to boosting cardiovascular health. One particular workout that is worth trying is yoga, with some experts believing a few poses can effectively treat ED.

For instance, naukasana (the boat pose), dandaymana dhanurasana (mountain pose), bitilasana marjaryasana (cat pose), salabhasana (locust pose) and virabhadra asana (warrior pose) are all recommended for those who suffer from ED, according to News 18.

It is thought these yoga poses “strengthen the pelvic floor and, in turn, helps in achieving a healthy erection”.

– Cut alcohol

Too much alcohol can be linked to a huge range of health problems, including cancers, low fertility, and poor libido. As booze blocks the chemical messages to send blood to the penis, it can make it harder to achieve an erection.

In addition to this, testosterone cannot be produced with chronic alcohol consumption, and low levels of this hormone result in poor sperm production, as well as sexual desire.

More than half of those who were dependent on alcohol reported they had a sexual problem, such as ED.

– De-stress

Make 2022 the year you focus on your self-care, as doing so could positively impact your condition. Stress is known to be a causal factor for ED, as it can interfere with brain signals, particularly sexual arousal.

So, if you are burnt out at work, worried about your family, are facing financial difficulties, or suffer from mental health problems, it is certainly worth seeking professional help for these feelings, as doing so could help with your ED too.

Sometimes being stressed about ED is enough to exacerbate the problem, so try not to worry about it too much, as this can make the condition worse.

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