Erectile dysfunction happens to nearly every man at some point or another. It is a fact that not everyone will get aroused every time, it is a fact that if this happens on occasion it is not a problem and it is also a fact that it is very readily treatable with effective medication.

It is also a fact, unfortunately, that many men feel embarrassed to talk about it, which is one of the reasons why people discreetly buy sildenafil online and why the very first adverts for Viagra were all about opening a conversation about it.

Along with this, there are so many unusual facts about ED primarily because we often do not want to talk about it. Here are three of the most bizarre facts about ED.

Attempts To Cure ED Have Existed For Millenia

Whilst the term ED has only existed for around 30 years, it has been a part of human lives as long as written history has, even being referenced in the Old Testament, in Egyptian tombs and on Greek vases.

The first-ever treatment for ED was as early as Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece in the eighth century AD. Romans, in particular, would wear talismans with goat and rooster genitalia on them, two animals associated with fertility.

As well as this, they would eat the genitalia of animals that had high libidos such as rabbits, hawks and eagles.

This may have helped in some cases where the cause was more psychological than physical but did not have any medical benefit.

It Was A Crime In France

In the century before the French Revolution of 1789, “male impotence” was not only the only way to get a divorce for women but also a crime for which the punishment was not entirely clear.

The process was bizarre, and most of what we do know about it was released in the book Trial by Impotence by Pierre Darmon.

In the 16th and 17th Centuries, the only way a divorce could be granted was if a man was unable to “perform his marital duties”, which was seen as an act against the Church at the time. Marriage was seen to be about having children at that time.

What a wife could do in this case was accuse their husband and they would have to be physically examined by clergymen, midwives and surgeons to see if they could procreate.

The court would then decided if they were impotent and whether they would grant a divorce. If they did the only way to appeal was by “Trial by Congress”, which is where the couple would have sex in front of a judge and jury.

There is a case, involving Marquis de Langey, where it went to Trial by Congress and due to being observed by a court he could not perform and was declared impotent.

The law was deemed obscene and banished in 1677, thankfully ending this awful practice.

The First Successful Treatment Was Made 200 Years Ago

The penis pump, a treatment that creates a vacuum seal around the penis to apply negative pressure and help with blood flow was invented nearly 200 years before it received medical approval.

Vincent Marie Mondat invented the principle behind the penis pump in the early 1800s, although it would take until 1981 for a similar invention to receive approval from the US FDA.