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Trouble, the saying goes, comes in threes and while that may not be true of everything, new research has shown that it can certainly be true for some erectile dysfunction sufferers.

A study by the University of Granada, published in the Journal of Periodontology, has provided strong evidence to link a combination of erectile dysfunction and periodontitis with major cardiovascular events. It found that someone suffering from both the first two conditions was almost four times at risk of a heart attack.

What this does not mean is that everyone with an erectile dysfunction problem is in severe danger of a fatal cardiovascular calamity. Indeed, for many, the causes are nothing to do with problems commonly associated with these conditions, like obesity and poor blood flow. Instead, they can be caused by other problems such as psychological disorders.

Of course, whatever the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, buying cheap sildenafil online is an effective way to deal with it. But the new research does show why it is always important to tackle not just the symptom of dysfunction, but associated conditions, in order to avoid wider and occasionally terrible consequences.

The key factor, in this case, is the link between periodontitis and erectile dysfunction. The former is a bad enough thing in itself, a nasty form of gum disease that, if not properly treated, can lead to tooth loss through the disintegration of the bones that anchor your teeth.

It is normally caused by poor oral health and it is worth considering, of course, that if you have this problem you may find the chances of things happening in the bedroom are hampered somewhat by the unattractiveness of bad breath, making any erectile dysfunction issues you may have less relevant in that particular moment.

The reason it has wider implications, however, is because it is not an isolated issue. Some of the causes of periodontitis are also common to those with erectile dysfunction and heart trouble. These include smoking, diabetes, obesity and poor diet.

In addition, the infection means more bacteria making its way into your bloodstream and putting your immune system under strain.

What this shows is how tackling erectile dysfunction is not just a matter of taking the correct medication, but also of having a longer-term plan to improve your health, something that should always have a high priority but even more so when there is a severe risk of a heart attack.

It means that while part of the solution, in this case, can be found in the dentist’s chair and a bottle of mouthwash, the underlying issues to do with diet, exercise, not smoking and other healthy living moves can have a range of great benefits.

Indeed, one might say that just as trouble sometimes comes in threes, so does relief from them. By taking the kind of steps to cure your gum problems – and in doing so make things a bit more pleasant for your partner in the bedroom – you may also be helping ease the underlying causes of your erectile problems.