Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a much more common problem for men all around the world that is often realised. ED can be caused by a range of different reasons, ranging from physical injuries to mental health disorders.

In the first instance, it is essential to talk to your GP about ED, to ensure that there are no other serious underlying health issues that are causing it, and to find the right treatment for you. But there are also lifestyle changes that you can make that will help support any medications or treatments that are prescribed for ED.

Keeping healthy and in shape is not only good for your penis, but also your whole body and mental health too, and can help prevent the onset of other diseases and ailments. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Controlling your weight: Exercising will allow you to take control of your weight, which can also help reduce the risks of many other health conditions related to weight.
  • Decrease the chances of heart diseases: Exercises reduce the risk people normally face when it comes to heart diseases, by increasing the blood flow and circulation levels, people who exercise are less prone to problems relating to the heart.
  • Helping mental health issues: Exercises are a way to divert your mind and have a pretty good outcome regardless, exercising or working out helps with relaxing a person. Exercise also releases endorphins, the happy hormone that will boost your mood and mental health.
  • Improving sexual health: Many people turn to drugs and other natural remedies to improve their sexual life, this shouldn’t be as prevalent as it is as there are many side-effects to the drugs people are willing to take without even turning an eye. 

There are also pelvic exercises that can help both prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction and help improve their ED situation.


Pelvic exercises like Kegels are the most effective exercises for Erectile Dysfunction. These exercises target the muscles near the pelvic area and tone them to fix any problems such as erectile dysfunction. Locating your pelvic floor muscle and strengthening it is the best way to diminish erectile dysfunction completely, and reduce the chance of ever getting it again. 


Pilates are another common form of exercise that strengthen the core muscles of the pelvis allowing the penis to regain its strength to cure erectile dysfunction. Exercises like knee fallouts, supine foot raises and pelvic curls are great examples of some pilates exercises every man should do for a safer sexual function.

Aerobic Exercises

Dispel any misconceptions of 80’s spandex exercise classes, because aerobic exercises can help lower the risks of ever getting erectile dysfunction as well as being a way to alleviate symptoms of those affected by it with simple aerobic exercises such as cycling or boxing.

Medication prescribed by your GP can help men who are suffering from ED, and if you would like more advice and information about the condition or would like to order vardenafil online, visit our website today.