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Olive oil, an ingredient used and loved by many, could be a key ingredient in the fight against erectile dysfunction, according to recent research.

Erectile dysfunction can be a blight on a man’s life, mental health, and confidence, and there are many reasons why men begin to suffer from the condition, but there are several ways to help combat it. Maintaining a healthy diet is one, that is also beneficial for your overall health, especially your heart.

Olive oil is a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. The popular diet incorporates the traditional healthy living habits of people from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, including France, Greece, Italy and Spain.

The Mediterranean diet varies by country and region, so it has a range of definitions. But in general, it’s high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats such as olive oil. It usually includes a low intake of meat and dairy foods.

It has been linked with good health, including a healthier heart. Not only that, but research has shown that daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean diet has led to a reduction in the number of cases of Alzheimer’s disease, and even reduce the risk of dying at any age by 20 per

As if that wasn’t reason enough to cut back on the pints of beer, kebabs, and other unhealthy eating habits, it is also known that the Mediterranean diet can help fight off the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Researchers from the University of Athens explained during the 2018 European Society of Cardiology annual congress in Munich that consuming olive oil reduces the risk of reptile dysfunction.

The researchers studied 670 men who lived on the small Greek island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea between mainland Greece and Turkey, all of whom are aged around 67 years old and consumed a Cretan diet, one that is rich in olive oil.

According to the findings of the study, men who consumed about nine tablespoons of olive oil per week were less likely to be treated for erectile dysfunction once they were close to or past the age of 70.

In addition to this, and the daily consumption of olive oil, the men who had a higher level of sexual health also ate fruit, vegetables, especially beans, and fish.

Author of the study, Dr Christina Chrysohoou, said that the best way to maintain a fulfilling sex life without erectile dysfunction is to regularly engage in physical activity and maintain a healthy diet.

“Men who have a Mediterranean diet (especially those who consume a lot of olive oil) have a 40 per cent reduced risk of impotence,” she said.

She added that while treatments such as sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra, can help treat erectile dysfunction in the short term, the Mediterranean diet can help offer men a long term solution as well as better overall health.

There are, however, still other reasons why men can suffer from erectile dysfunction, and it is important to seek professional medical advice in the first instance to seek out the root cause. If you’re looking to buy sildenafil online, then visit our online store today.