A ring that is worn around the penis could help men figure out what is causing their erectile dysfunction (ED), and could even signal a deadly disease. It is the first-ever wearable ‘erection tracker’ that can give indications to a man’s health.

The erectile function of the penis can indicate several physical and mental health issues, and men who suffer from ED often struggle to determine the root cause, which can lead to further emotional and relationship distress. While erection issues may be assumed to be a signal of a loss of libido or bedroom performance, they can indicate more about a man’s health as they age.

Men’s Health reports that the Adam Sensor, made by Adam Health, would be attached to the base of the penis by a band, and worn overnight, where it records the number of erections the man has while he sleeps.

Nighttime erections indicate the erection mechanism is in check, even if there are difficulties during intimate moments. According to the NHS, healthy men have an average of three to five erections each night, lasting up to three hours in total.

While it is not clear why exactly this happens, experts suggest it is the body’s way to keep the erection mechanism healthy, by keeping blood flowing into the penis.

Th Adam Sensor has been designed to help discover why a man may be suffering from ED, which can have dozens of different causes.

If the sensor records ‘normal’ nighttime erections, then if the man still struggles at other times, it may suggest that the issue is psychological, such as anxiety or stress.

However, should there be a lack of nighttime erections, it may suggest something biologically wrong.

The Adam Sensor is currently only available through the International Andrology London clinic, and director Christos Vasilakos, the founder of Adam Health, said that if nighttime erections are impacted, the most common reason is ageing.

“It might also be nerve damage if you are diabetic, caused by low testosterone or signal cardiovascular problems.”

Vasilakos said that the sensor will be a useful diagnostic tool, which can help direct men to the right treatment, and also help determine if the course of treatment, such as sildenafil, better known as the brand name Viagra, is actually working.

“If you are taking something like Viagra, you might be able to perform, but you won’t know if the problem is getting worse”, Vasilakos said.

He added that uses may be making lifestyle changes, such as a healthier diet, controlling diabetes, or exercising, and want to check that natural erections are improving, and it is not just the effect of medication.

At the moment, the Adam Sensor is only available to men who have come for specialist erectile dysfunction investigations with a doctor, but the developers hope that it will be available to buy for home use by summer 2022.

Vasilakos said: “People count their steps, monitor the glucose, their sleep or fitness – it might be part of the quantitative health men are interested in.” If you’re looking to buy sildenafil online, then visit our website today.