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As a condition that has existed for thousands of years and yet has only had a consistent treatment for just over two decades, erectile dysfunction is a condition that has had so many myths built upon it that have unfortunately stopped people from getting the treatment they need.

This can be harmful, if not dangerous, as many of these misleading beliefs about what causes ED and the effect it can have on men’s lives can stop people from seeking treatment that could help improve their sexual and overall health.

Here are some of the most common ED myths and why they are incorrect.

You Are Not Alone

ED can be an isolating disorder, and it is far too easy to believe that you are the only person who is suffering. However, ED is very common, and most men will have some form of erectile dysfunction at least once, and if it occurs irregularly you do not need to be necessarily worried.

It is a condition that has many potential causes, and the best way to start treating it is to discuss your worries with your partner and work together to create a plan of action to talk to a medical professional who can look for the underlying cause.

It Is Untreatable

The first, and biggest myth that ED medications needed to debunk is the idea that it is an incurable part of a man’s life. This is why people no longer talk about impotence but instead about erectile dysfunction; the former implies that there is no way to treat it.

Depending on the underlying cause, there are many potential treatments, from managing lifestyle factors that have affected sexual arousal, to ordering sildenafil online and taking it as-needed before sex.

There are many treatment options available and for millions of people around the world who have ED, they have proven to be highly effective.

It Is Not Just Psychological Nor Physical

There are two rather conflicting myths that ED is only a physical disorder or purely a psychological one. It is a bit more complex than that, and experiencing symptoms can sometimes affect men psychologically and exacerbate symptoms.

Physical causes of ED can include;

· high cholesterol,

· diabetes,

· hormonal issues,

· cycling,

· smoking and alcohol,

· surgery and treatment for prostate conditions.

Psychological and psychiatric causes can include;

· prescription medicine side effects,

· stress,

· anxiety,

· tiredness,

· depression.

A pharmacist or GP will get to the root cause of ED and prescribe appropriate treatments for any underlying conditions.

It Does Not Just Affect Older Men

People from their early 20s and older can experience ED, so it is important not to consider ED as a condition that only affects older men, particularly if that perception stands in the way of your treatment.

It Does Not Reflect Masculinity At All

Probably the most damaging misconception is that ED is somehow connected to your masculinity, or that there is a correlation between ED and testosterone levels.

This is a myth, and studies have shown that people do not need to have a testosterone level higher than the average to get normal erections. ED being caused by hypogonadism or other testosterone deficiencies is rare.