Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem that is thought to affect over 11 million men in the UK alone. Furthermore, the age at which men first experience ED is getting younger, with 50% of men under 50 now affected.

The reasons for this are complex, with researchers pointing out that a combination of lifestyle factors and psychological causes may be to blame.

Another reason may also be that men are a little bit more willing to open up about this sensitive subject than they were in the past. It is always important to discuss persistent problems with ED with a doctor, because there may be an underlying medical reason that needs to be addressed straight away to prevent more serious problems from developing.

It is more often the case with younger men that the cause of ED is psychological rather than physical. This could be because of stress at work, money worries, or performance anxiety, for example.

Sometimes, men find that after a disappointing sexual encounter with a partner, they become anxious the next time they want to have sex, and this leads to a vicious cycle that can be very tough to break out of. One approach to resolving this difficult situation is to try meditation techniques such as mindfulness.

Mindfulness teaches us to become more present in the moment, rather than to be preoccupied with worries about the future, or troubling memories from the past. It is based on ancient Buddhist meditation practices, but the core concept remains the same. It can take some time to master the technique properly, but once grasped, it can be very powerful.

By encouraging the mind to concentrate on the present moment, it can help us to be more aware of our body and of all the senses, including touch, which can lead to a greater degree of arousal in an erotic situation.

Some men may also benefit from taking medication such as cheap sildenafil.