The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone more concerned and aware of their general health than ever before. But many people avoided seeing their GP over the last 18 months due to fears about the coronavirus and instead turned to Dr Google to answer any health-related questions.

However, while the internet is a wealth of information, there’s a lot of misinformation online too, particularly when it comes to health. Many of these myths can play on the minds of men across the UK, from baldness cures to erectile dysfunction, but is there any truth to them?

We have a look at some of the most search for men’s health myths and sort facts from fiction, and when you should see your GP.

1. Weak erections aren’t caused by erectile dysfunction

Every year, British men search online for the term ‘weaker erections aren’t a sign of erectile dysfunction’. If you’re experiencing weaker erections, it may not be due to erectile dysfunction. Weaker erections are common in older men and can be caused by a variety of health issues, including diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

Change your lifestyle by reducing your alcohol intake and being more active, and you should start to experience stronger erections. If problems persist, then talk to your GP.

2. Man buns cause hair loss

The lockdown was the ideal time for many men to let their hair grow, and cue the man buns and hats to hide overgrown manes during Zoom meetings.

However, neither of these are causes of hair loss, despite the 52,000 men searching every year for ‘can man buns and hats cause hair loss’. Your hair should be perfectly happy being covered by a hat, and there is no connection between wearing a hat and going bald.

3. Shaving makes your hair grow

When hair loss does become apparent, many men begin to look for ways to bolster the hair on their heads. Annually, 68,400 men ask Dr Google about this.

Some will try anything to thicken up their barnet, including shaving it off. However, there is no medical evidence at all to prove that this makes your hair grow thicker.

If you have noticed a change in your hair, whether you’re losing it on your head or growing more on your face, there are numerous reasons for this, including side effects to medication, so don’t be afraid to speak to your GP.

4. Peeing a lot means you’re growing old

If you have experienced the sudden need to urinate more often, then you’re far from alone as 41,000 men search online about this every year.

If you’re over the age of 60, you might find you’re visiting the loo more often, as the older we become, the less our body produces the hormone that helps us retain fluids. From this standpoint, the myth holds true.

But there could be other reasons why you might be peeing more frequently, for instance, a bladder irritation from a urinary tract infection, the presence of bladder stones, or abnormal growths, so be sure to get any discomfort why urinating checked out by your GP

If you’re having issues with erections and erectile dysfunction, always talk to a medical professional, and if you want to buy sildenafil online, visit our website today.