Erectile dysfunction is a condition with a wide range of causes and effective affordable solutions. Discussing with a medical professional and taking cheap sildenafil will in many cases stop the issue in the short term and help your confidence in the long term.

These causes range from stress to ageing to taking certain types of anti-depressants. However, cycling is an activity that can unexpectedly increase the risk of ED by 72 per cent.

The study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, looked at whether there was a connection between cycling and ED and were surprised by the results.

Cyclists, described in the study as any person who rides a bike for more than three hours a week were four times more likely (4.2 per cent) to have a moderate-to-severe case of ED than runners (1.1 per cent) and twice as likely as swimmers (2 per cent.)

The reason for this, as you may expect is compression. Bike riding requires you to sit down on a narrow seat, which can compress your genitals and physically affect your sex drive.

There are ways to stop or at least mitigate the problem, however. Rather than using a bike seat with a protruding nose, switch to a noseless seat. As well as this, tilt the saddle downwards and sit up when you are cycling rather than being hunched over the handlebars.

 This may affect your times but it will also improve your sexual health. As well as this, buying a gel saddle rather than using a padded leather one can also provide some comfort and relief.