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Problems in the bedroom department are certainly not uncommon and if you are experiencing issues of any kind, it’s important to remember that there is a lot of help out there and you don’t have to suffer in silence, going it alone. Asking for help and advice can make a real difference, and before you know it, your libido has returned!

As a first step, why not see if there are any apps you could download that could prove particularly beneficial, helping you to regain control over your own body and mind? The good news is that there are lots out there, so it’s simply a matter of finding one that addresses the particular problems you’re dealing with. Here are just a couple to get you started.


The aim of this app is, apparently, to radically transform your relationship with sex, changing how you think about it and how you have it. It aims to help you work out just what sex means to you, allowing you to lead a life that is healthy, confident and pleasurable.

All audio content created is backed by expert research, personalised to you and what you’re going through. The mindful sessions are between five and 20 minutes long, whether you decide to lose yourself in an erotic play or try guided journalling instead. The idea is just to work out what exactly makes you tick.


If you want to get better at sex, then Lover is the app for you. There are all sorts of guides included that cover all aspects of sex, including mental and emotional, as well as physical. Track your goals, try out interactive activities and take quizzes to find out what kind of lover you actually are.


To help get you in the mood, something like TeaseMe could prove to be especially useful. It’s an audio guide tailored to suit your specific sensual needs, designed to improve sexual wellness, all through the medium of erotic storytelling.


This could prove useful for any couples out there who feel that they’re somehow stuck in a bit of a bedroom rut and don’t know how to go about getting the spark back. It features audio practices written by sex and relationship experts to help you and your other half move beyond your comfort zone and unlock new levels of passion.

The practices are well suited for all ages, nationalities, religions and so on, with the aim being to encourage people to become more open to new depths of feeling.
If you’re really struggling with erectile dysfunction at the moment, why not buy something like Sildenafil online and see if this can help you regain control over your sex life.