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Most men, at some point in their lives, will have to deal with their hair either tuning grey or begin to lose it. It might be when they are relatively young, or quite late in their lives, but there’s no stopping these two eventualities.

The reasons for premature hair loss or greying are countless, from high-stress environments to the foods you eat. Here are a few things you should know about hair loss.

1. Determine The Kind Of Hair Loss You’re Facing

Thinning hair might be down to your genes in the form of male pattern baldness, or it could be patches in the form of alopecia, an autoimmune condition that can make the body attack itself and cause hair loss. It might also be seasonal hair loss that is causing your concern. It’s important to work out which condition you are suffering from.

Typically, with male pattern baldness, hair loss takes place consistently starting from the crown of your head or right above the temples, as your hairline starts to recede.

2. Talk To A Specialist

If you are worried or suspect that your hair loss is significant, then the best course of action is to see a specialist to figure out the root cause of your thinning hair. 

Currently, the cause of male pattern baldness is not entirely understood. It could be because of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As DHT accumulates in your hair follicles it can condition the hair to stall growth.

However, other conditions include Alopecia Areata (hair loss in patches), Trichotillomania (fragile hair growth), and Androgenic Alopecia (hair thinning).

3. How Quickly Can You Lose Your Hair?

If your hair has already started thinning or falling, it’s not possible to determine how long it might take for you to lose all of it. However, usually, it takes between five and twenty-five years for the process to complete and that depends from person to person.

4. Can You Stop Hairloss?

Unfortunately, hair loss cannot be stopped, and the progression of hair loss cannot be stopped entirely. But some medications and treatments can help conditions such as alopecia areata.

Also, conditions such as traction alopecia, which is caused by constant hair pulling, can be avoided by avoiding hairstyles such as a man bun.

5. Can The Damage Be Reversed?

There are many hair loss treatments on the market, which have evolved drastically within the last few years.

These range from oral medications to lotions, hair transplants, hair tattoos among others. The treatments are easily accessed, however, it’s important to consider all these options carefully.

6. The Other Alternative

If you don’t want to trouble yourself with these procedures or medications, a simple way out is to embrace your hair. You could try a plethora of hairstyles that exist out there that flatter men with less hair. From the buzz cut to other hairstyles, one can easily hide the M-shaped receding line. 

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