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The majority of men find that their hair starts to become thinner at some stage. For some, this may even begin in their twenties, if they are prone to hereditary male pattern baldness. By the age of 50, over half of all men experience some form of hair loss, whether through genetics, stress, or medications.

Some men are not unduly bothered about thinning hair, but for others, the change is unwelcome. They may feel like they are ageing unfairly, or worried about going completely bald. The loss of the youth and virility which are associated with a full and healthy head of hair can be a blow to self-esteem, and result in a loss of identity.

The good news is, there is plenty that you can do to improve the appearance of a thinning head of hair. Here are a few ideas.

Cut the hair shorter

Cutting off more hair may not be the natural instinct, but it usually looks much better than growing hair longer to compensate for a receding hairline. Longer styles weigh down the hair, making it look even thinner. Instead, go for a shorter textured cut to add volume. Use lightweight styling products which lift the roots to keep that texture lasting all day.

An alternative take on this look is to leave some length on top of the head and push it forwards in a mussed-up kind of way over the natural hairline. It’s a fashionable look for male celebrities of a certain age, such as Jude Law. Other celebs, such as David Beckham, go for faded back and sides, which emphasises the longer hair on the top of the head.

Go for some rugged facial hair

Men who have hereditary male pattern baldness only lose the hair follicles on their scalp, while the ability to grow facial hair remains unaffected. A fashionable look is to grow the facial hair and keep it short to complement a buzz cut on top. It still says well-groomed and masculine, without trying too hard.

Use thickening shampoos and styling products

Volumizing shampoos and other products work by plumping out individual strands of hair with protein, creating an illusion of fullness. The results will be limited if your hair is already fine and sparse, however.

Try some nutritional supplements

Thinning hair may be a sign of a nutritional deficiency. The best vitamins for hair growth are thought to include B vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, zinc, and iron. It’s best to get the most out of your intake by following a healthy balanced diet, with plenty of oily fish, eggs, nuts, and complex carbs.

Reduce stress levels

Stress is a known factor for causing hair growth to temporarily enter a resting phase. The good news is, if you can tackle the source of the stress, and rebalance your lifestyle, your hair should soon return to normal.

Try hair loss treatments

If you suffer from male pattern baldness, there are clinically approved products which can help to reverse hair loss. It’s best to start using them as soon as you notice the first signs of thinning, for maximum effect.

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