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You may read claims that testosterone boosters can increase the male sex drive and even cure erectile dysfunction (ED). They may seem to be a quick and easy fix for a problem that most men are reluctant to discuss with others, but the relationship between testosterone and ED is not so straightforward. Here’s what you need to know.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and it plays an important role in maintaining the sex drive, sperm production and muscle mass. It naturally declines with age, although only at a rate of 1% per year for men in their 40s. Lower testosterone levels are associated with a lack of energy, low libido and osteoporosis. 

Occasionally, men may develop a condition called late-onset hypogonadism, which is a testosterone deficiency that is not a part of the normal ageing process. This can be diagnosed with blood tests and should only be treated by a doctor with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

So what is the role of testosterone boosters that are available to buy from pharmacists? The difference between them and TRT is that boosters or supplements do not contain any testosterone, but rather they contain vitamins and minerals that may help to promote levels of testosterone production.

When purchased from a reputable supplier and taken within the recommended guidelines, these boosters are considered safe to use. They will typically contain a mixture of zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, boron, and diindolylmethane. However, it’s important to research the product carefully before deciding whether it might be suitable for you.

It’s important not to try and up your testosterone levels unnaturally if they are not low in the first place, even if it might be tempting to pep up your sex life. Excessive testosterone levels can lead to fertility problems, enlarged prostate, weight gain, high blood pressure, aggression or mood swings, heart problems, and other serious medical issues.

In many cases, ED is caused by other factors than low testosterone, or the issues that have caused levels of testosterone to drop are also causing or contributing to problems with sexual function. Testosterone production can sometimes be improved naturally by lifestyle changes, which may also boost the sex drive.

For example, many of the nutrients required for healthy testosterone production can be gained by eating a well-balanced diet. This includes eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and ‘healthy’ unsaturated fats that are found in foods such as nuts, oily fish, avocado, and dairy products. 

Managing stress levels is also important to maintain a strong libido. Untreated mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and stress are a common cause of ED. These might be caused by career pressures, money worries, or tensions in relationships.
As has been said many times before, regular exercise and adequate sleep are proven ways to improve mental health and contribute to overall physical well-being. Men who have these lifestyle changes and still continue to experience issues with ED are advised to visit a doctor. They may benefit from using medications including Eroxon Stimgel.