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A full head of hair is a sign of youthful vigour and good health, yet many men don’t pay
much attention to their hair, until it is too late. However, there are plenty of ways you can
keep your crowning glory looking lustrous and full, and to prevent premature balding. Here
are some top tips for a fine head of hair.

Shampoo every two or three days

A lot of men tend to either shampoo too much, or not enough. It’s important to keep the
scalp reasonably clean, to reduce the chance of infections and dandruff, and to maintain the
good appearance of the hair.
However, washing it too often will strip the natural oils from the scalp. This oil is necessary
to keep the hair follicles soft and strong, and prevent the hair taking on a dry, frazzled
quality. Experts advise that washing the hair every two or three days is best. If you have
persistent itchiness. Flakiness, then switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Avoid tight headgear and hairstyles

If you have long hair that is frequently tied back, or worn in a braided style such as cornrows
or dreadlocks, it can put extra pressure on the roots of the hair. It may even eventually
cause it to fall out, a condition known as ‘traction alopecia.’

This can cause bald patches to appear, but it’s usually not permanent. However, it’s
advisable to avoid these styles, or take regular breaks from them, to make sure that the
roots of the hair don’t become weak.

If you wear helmets or close-fitting caps during sports, this may also create friction which
causes the hair to become thinner. It can help to apply a protective conditioner to coat your
hair before putting on your headgear. Always wash your hair directly afterwards, to remove
the build-up of sweat, grease, and dried skin.

Eat a well-balanced diet

The food you eat is very important to keep your hair in optimal condition. Thin hair can be a
sign of iron deficiency. It’s best to consume iron through food rather than supplements, to
give the body the best chance of absorbing it. Include eggs, seafood, leafy green veg such as
spinach, and lean red meat in your diet for the best results.

Control stress levels

Stress and shock can temporarily send the hair follicles into a resting phase, meaning the
hair that you shed as part of the natural growth cycle won’t be replaced. Although the

effects are reversible, if you live with elevated stress levels, it’s bad news for your all-round
sense of wellbeing.

Use hair loss treatments

If you are starting to notice the classic signs of male pattern baldness, such as thinning
around the temples and crown, then there are scientifically proven products that can stop
the baldness spreading, and even reverse the thinning in many cases.

It’s important to start the treatment before you go completely bald, as once the hair follicles
have died, it will not be effective.

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