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ED Starter Pack Contents:
Medication Strength Quantity
Sildenafil 50mg 8
Tadalafil 10mg 8
Vardenafil 10mg 4
Spedra 100mg 4

ED Starter Pack

If you have not tried any previous treatment for erectile dysfunction or are unsure as to which one is most appropriate for you, we can supply an ED starter pack to allow you to try all the ones we provide to see which one best fits your lifestyle.

Please remember you can only take a maximum of ONE type in 24hrs, extending this to a 48hr gap if you’ve taken tadalafil as its effects can last longer.

Our ED starter pack contains the 4 main treatments available for erectile dysfunction.

Medication Time to Take Effect Effectiveness
Sildenafil 45 - 60 mins 6 - 8 hours
Tadalfil 30 - 60 mins Up-to 36 hours
Vardenafil 30 - 60 mins 6 hours
Spedra 15 - 30 mins 4 hours


Sildenafil 50mg is the usual starting dose for sildenafil. It can be increased to a 100mg if there has not been a satisfactory effect. It can be reduced to 25mg if you find the side effects too strong for you.

Tadalafil and vardenafil are both supplied at the 10mg dose, again like sildenafil these can be doubled if the dose works but not quite to its full potential. The vardenafil dose can be reduced if the 10mg dose is too high.

Spedra is supplied at the 100mg dose. Like the others it can be doubled if it works but not quite to its full potential. If the dose is too strong or undesired side effects are felt then it can be reduced to 50mg.